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Most of us have met people who can talk about their problems endlessly and never make any changes. At the end of the day, talking is not enough — we need to take action in order to change our life. However, as we all know, that is often much harder than it sounds. 


Do you try to make changes, but they don’t seem to last? Did life knock you down and you are struggling to get back up? Are you feeling overwhelmed or out of balance? Do you want to feel better, but can’t find your way? 


Without going through the growth processes that changes you on the inside, any action you take isn’t likely to “stick”, and you find yourself falling back into familiar patterns.

It's never too late to grow.

There is hope! Growth is complex and dynamic change process that involves the right approach, a bit of experimentation, an enabling environment, and a healthy mindset. Therapy helps you to gain self-awareness, have new experiences, learn different skills, and get unstuck. This work is often the pre-requisite to being able to take meaningful, effective action and find your way to a more fulfilling life.


Whether you are in the pits of pain, discomfort, and despair or seeking authenticity, growth, and more satisfying personal outcomes, Mindset was established to give you the tools and emotional support necessary to move your life in a new direction. 

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Who We Are

What We Offer


Whether you’re looking to feel better emotionally, make positive changes in your life, or improve your relationships, our approach is integrative and employs research-supported interventions tailored to you. 

Mindset offers transformative counseling and life coaching  for older adolescents and adults.  See how our services can help you or a loved one achieve real results and make the lasting changes you are looking for.

Feeling nervous? Unsure? Visit our FAQ section to discover more about Mindset service, our therapists, and what to expect.  Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

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