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Are you meeting with clients in person?

At this time, all services are only being provided via telehealth through our virtual offices. Telehealth allows us to meet through audio and video over the internet. We are very excited about this option because it means no waiting and travel time, and you won’t have to take time off work or other priorities. Plus, it’s 100% HIPAA compliant and secure.

Shouldn’t I be able to manage this on my own?

That’s a very common question! Experience has taught us that even the brightest, most successful people can face challenges and difficulties that they struggle to work through on their own. The truth is, they're not alone. In fact, one in four adults—nearly 62 million Americans—experience mental health issues in a given year. Some people avoid professional therapy or counseling because they feel ashamed of their problems. Others may believe that therapy and counseling are only for seriously mentally ill or “crazy” people. But this is simply not true! Don’t let shame and fear stop you from getting the help you need. Good mental health is an essential part of your overall health and wellbeing.


What should I expect?

Prior to your first scheduled appointment, you’ll receive an email link inviting you to your Mindset patient portal. There, you’ll be able to enter your personal information and review and sign some paperwork. The first time we meet, we’ll talk about any problems you've been having and how you've been feeling. We’ll also discuss your goals for treatment. At a minimum, we will meet for a 50-minute session, usually on a weekly basis. Some treatments are more effective if done more often and for greater periods of time, so your therapist may suggest longer or more frequent visits.


Are you going to tell me I need to take medications?

While some people find medications to be enormously helpful, others want to see how much they can feel better without it. It's definitely possible, and just depends on the needs of each unique individual. If we determine that medications might be of use to you, your therapist will coordinate with your primary care physician or refer you to another mental health professional who can assist. If you are already taking medication for mental health issues, as necessary and with your permission, we are happy to consult with your current prescriber about the course of your treatment.


How much does therapy cost?

Mindset was founded on the premise that everyone deserves access to high quality personal growth experiences. We offer a competitive fee structure and strive to make my services as affordable as they are meaningful and effective. Spending days, weeks, months, even years, in a pit of anxiety, depression, or general unhappiness takes an enormous toll on your life. Therapy does cost money, however, there may be a greater cost to not getting good counseling when you need it. Imagine all of the time spent churning in worry, sadness, and failed relationships instead of having the love, happiness and success you want. You’ve likely made investments in your education, home, and career hoping that they would bring you happiness. Now it’s time to invest in yourself!


Do you accept insurance?

Many people are concerned about the cost of therapy. While we strive to keep therapy affordable (and do consider it priceless), we also understand that expense matters. For this reason Mindset therapists work hard to help their clients use their out-of-network insurance benefits to pay for their therapy, whenever possible. Visit Mindset's Rates page for suggestions on how to determine whether using your insurance is the right choice for you. 


Do you provide couples and/or family counseling?

If you are currently seeking couples counseling only, we recommend that you look for a specialy trained therapist who has expertise in marriage and family therapy. With established clients, our therapists sometimes identify that couples and/or family counseling would be a beneficial addition to the individual services already being provided. At that time, we can determine together if Mindset can best offer those services or whether a referral to another clinician is more appropriate. 


Is Therapy or Coaching a better fit for me?

You may be struggling with self-doubt, anxiety, depression, negative beliefs, trauma, unfinished business, intense emotions, painful relationships, or addictive behaviors. You might feel helpless, trapped “in a hole”, and have no idea how to help yourself feel better. Or, the things you try don’t work and just make you feel more hopeless. When you’re in this place it can be very difficult to take action and have it be successful. Until you feel stronger emotionally, you may not be able to make major changes in your life. In this case, you need the compassionate support of a highly trained therapist—someone who is competent to help you climb out of the hole and back onto solid ground.


On the other hand, you might generally feel okay, and are simply interested in changing your circumstances and improving your outcomes. You feel strong enough to start making changes, to begin “climbing the mountain” that leads you to greater success. If you’re truly ready for coaching, you are focused on designing your new life, and figuring out how to make your dreams a reality. In this case, a good coach will help you get clarity about what your mountain looks like, devise a plan to get to the top, then support and encourage you as you climb.


Why is evidence-based therapy important?

Psychology is what’s known as a “soft-science.” This means that in psychology research there are rarely definite conclusions about cause and effect. However, there is quite a bit of research about what helps most people, and which kinds of strategies are generally more useful than others. At Mindset, we regularly utilize evidence-based treatments because research has found them to be the most effective and efficient strategies for helping people to change. Rather than simply “talking” or focusing on disorder rooted in the past, these active approaches emphasize cultivating your strengths to create a more positive future.


How do I get started?

If you have additional questions about what successful therapy or coaching will look like for you given your specific circumstances, we offer free consultations via phone and email. Simply send a message below or call Mindset at 816-875-0276. You can also get started today by scheduling an appointment online.


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